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This livejournal community is for Eastern Media Con 2. EMC2 is a fan-run multimedia convention held in Newark, New Jersey at the sumptuous Newark Airport Hilton in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the weekend of October 3-5.

Sponsored by Light & Shadow Press, EMC2 is dedicated to serving the needs of both gen and slash media fans. The con atmosphere is tolerant, inclusive, and open-minded and we welcome all fans. EMC2 is conceived as an adults-only space and conventioneers must be age eighteen or older to attend.

This year, EMC2 will feature:

The Art Show
The Print Shop
A Vid Show
A Dealers Room
The Albie Awards
Free Pizza-Pizza Snack Time
A Sumptuous Con Suite filled with Homemade Goodies
Free *HOT* Breakfast Friday & Saturday
Games, Prizes, Raffles
Free Saturday Night Dessert Buffet
Fan Mixers
Pool Party
Panels, Panels, Panels, Panels and
This Year’s Saturday Night Entertainment: Copa Fandana!

$55 Attending Membership ($65 after August 1, 2008)
$75 At-the-DoorAttending Membership
$40 One-Day Membership—Friday
$40 One-Day Membership—Saturday
$35 One-Day Membership—Sunday
$25 Con-Assistant Membership (pay full membership price— refund of difference is paid after full seven hours are worked at the con)
$25 Supporting Membership (includes Membership materials and con reports)
$1 each Apocryphal Membership(s)—a badge for toys, nom-de-plumes, pets, invisible friends, etc.

You can find out more about EMC1 by visiting our webpage at:

You can join EMC2's Yahoo discussion group at:

And you can write to the ConComm directly at: