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From ConComm: Let's talk PANELS!

Hey everybody!  It's almost THAT time! The clocks have sprung forward, pollen is in the air, and the Easter Bunny has delivered his last egg . . . so it must be time for: PANELS!

Your ConCom wants to provide the best programming possible and to do that we need your ideas! All EMC programming will be drawn exclusively from member input. To assure that your fandom will appear in the
program schedule, email us panel and workshop suggestions at: EasternMediaCon@aol.com
Please type "Panel Suggestion" in the subject line. 

Please keep in mind the following programming deadlines as you prepare to share your panel ideas:
Panel Topic Suggestions: April 15 to June 15, 2007
Panel Sign-ups: July 1 to August 1, 2007
Programming Schedule Finalized: August 1, 2007

The first step, which is coming up mere days from now, is the suggestions phase. So come on folks, let those ideas rip! Whether you are a panel virgin, a panel pro, or anything in between, we want to hear from YOU! And remember, just because you have suggested a panel does not automatically sign you up to be a moderator. Feel free to nominate panel ideas, even if you do not wish to be a panelist or moderator. Once all panel suggestions have been finalized, we will post to the list and ask for moderators to sign up.

Don't forget, the more detailed and thought-out your topic idea, the better panel it will make. While you might want to see a panel on Starsky and Hutch, don't just send an email saying "Starsky and Hutch panel." Give us specifics.

Below, you'll find the preferred format for suggesting panel ideas. Then, below that, we've provided a few samples that might help get you in the right groove to communicate all the great panel ideas that are in your head just dying to be set free.

Also, be sure to read Kath Moonshine's upcoming posts on What Makes a Successful Panel? as well as the post regarding Workshops. Here's the Panel Suggestion Format! Copy/paste into your emails as needed. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Email Address:
Fandom (If your topic is not specific to one fandom, just indicate multi-fandom or general):
Suggested Panel Title:
One-line Description of the Topic:
Discussion Category: Indicate if your suggested topic is:
General Discussion (Suitable for a general audience. Not sexual in nature)
All-inclusive Discussion (No restrictions. The discussion is open to gen, slash, mature--indicating a possibility of an erotic relationship--and whatever else comes up)
Slash-centric Discussion (The discussion intends to focus on male/male or female/female relationships)

If your topic doesn't fit any of theses categories let us know and we'll figure out another category to include.
Sample Panel Ideas in Correct Format:

Name: Kath Moonshine
Email Address: Moonshine71@juno.com
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Suggested Panel Title: Starsky & Hutch: From Wild Boys to Old Married Couple
One-line Description of the Topic: How did the most violent TV show of its time become the "feel-good" fandom of today?
Discussion Category: Slash-centric Discussion

Name: Kath Moonshine
Email Address: Moonshine71@juno.com 
Fandom: The Sentinel
Suggested Panel Title: Jim Ellison and the Career Change
One-line Description of the Topic: A lot of fan fiction has been devoted to Blair becoming a cop post series, but what if Jim decided to leave the force instead--what would he do for a living?
Discussion Category: General Discussion

Name: Kath Moonshine
Email Address: Moonshine71@juno.com 
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Suggested Panel Title: Cylon Sex--Better than Human?
One-line Description of the Topic: What are the ramifications, both physical and emotional, for humans who sleep with the enemy?
Discussion Category: All-inclusive Discussion

Name: Kath Moonshine
Email Address: Moonshine71@juno.com 
Fandom: Multimedia
Suggested Panel Title: Where have all the great multimedia song vids gone?
One-line Description of the Topic: Brainstorm how to find worthwhile multimedia vids in the age of YouTube.
Discussion Category: General Discussion

Name: Kath Moonshine
Email Address: Moonshine71@juno.com 
Fandom: General
Suggested Panel Title: Is the fannish glass always half full?
One-line Description of the Topic: Is there too much negativity in fandom? Why do more people prefer to kick a show when it's down rather than celebrate its good aspects?
Discussion Category: General Discussion 

Now it's your turn! Let's hear your ideas!
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