flamingoslim (flamingoslim) wrote in easternmediacon,

EMC Vid Show wants YOUR VIDS!

I'm still recovering from throwing my Starsky & Hutch convention, SHareCon, last weekend, and now I'm ready to knuckle down and prepare this year's EMC vid show. As always, I'm hoping for a good representation of fandoms. We had a great vid show last year and I'm hoping we'll continue in that tradition. We split the vid show into a gen and slash segments, and provide information to the audience about the vidders and the vids they've contributed.

Don't faint, but we're hoping to have last year's vid show available on DVD at the con. It's taken awhile to work out some technical issues, but the master disks are cut and we should start duplication this week. It will be a two disk set, and we're not sure of the price, but it will be nominal to allow us to cover costs for disks, jackets, printing costs, etc. So, if you enjoyed last year's vid show, soon it can be yours. We will also offer it for mail order once the con is over. Since we have worked out a number of the technical issues, we're hoping to have this year's vid show ready for distribution very soon after the con.

So, if you have vids you'd like to contribute to the con, please contact me at flamingoslim@erols.com to discuss format and delivery.

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