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Workshops at EMC1

From Kath Moonshine: Do you know how to fight with a sword and shield? Can you make a quilt that features images from fifty different
fandoms? Do you know how to manipulate fannish photos of our TV heroes? Can you build a blaster out of doorknobs, broomsticks, and a can of silver spray paint?  Have you ever wanted to teach new fan writers how to properly punctuate dialog?

Do you have a special skill you'd like to share with fandom? We sure hope so! Why? Because EMC has a large room set aside specifically for fannish workshops! And we need creative, dedicated fans who are willing to share their special knowledge. What's the difference between a workshop and a panel, you ask?

EMC answers: Typically, a workshop often has a more instructional format, wherein a fannish "expert" will present how-to information, many times in the form of a lecture, which may include handouts or other materials needed to explain a process. A panel is less formal and usually consists of a group of peers sharing thoughts and ideas on a particular fannish topic.

In addition to a great space to showcase your ideas, let us know how we can help make your workshop a success with audio-video equipment or other special requests.

Even if you don't feel you can sponsor a workshop, feel free to make workshop requests...the ConCom will do our best to find a fannish expert to hold a workshop on topics of interest to conventioneers.

Please send your ideas for a 1.5 or 3-hour workshop to: EasternMediaCon@aol.com

Kath Moonshine
EMC Co-chair
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