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EMC1 dvds: Slash playlist

Several people asked me to post the playlist for the EMC1 (2007) dvds.

Here is the Slash playlist:

Slash Vid List

A little Less Conversation    Mixed             GiandujaKiss         Elvis Presley

Safe From Harm                    MUNCLE       Nessa                        Massive Attack

Three Time Loser                  Sentinel         Jamie                     Dan Seals

Everybody Loves Jack          Pirates           Nessa                     Don McLean

Dante's Prayer                       S/H                 Enednoviel            L. McKennitt

Ready for the Storm              SGA               Rosemary               Deanta

Wouldn't Normally Do
              This Kind of Thing   Tricky Brains Sockii                     Pet Shop Boys

Your Mistake                          Sh Holmes    Di Williams             Sister Hazel

Falling For You                      S/H                 Kimberlyfdr              Jem

Avalanche                              Due South    Rosemary                   5 Chinese Brthrs

Hide                                         Sentinel         Ankaree                      Creed

Learning                                 Rd Dwarf       Nessa                            Tom Petty

Something to Talk About     S/H                 Laura McEwan      Bonnie Raitt

Hero                                         Insp. Rex       Nessa                        Emery

Affirmation                              Mixed             Di. Williams            Savage Garden

I Would Die For You             I Spy               P.R.Zed                  Jann Arden

Hard Days Night                    Sentinel         Ankaree                  Beatles

Better Man                              S/H                 Enednoviel            Robbie Williams

Full of Grace                          S/H                 Enednoviel            SarahMcLaughlin

Perhaps,                                  K/S               Killa                        Cake

I Just Want to Be With You  Brokbk Mt      Nessa                        Chris Rea

Grace Kelly                             SGA               Di. Williams            Mika

Secret In Your Eyes              S/H                 KimberlyFDR         Paul Gross

Rhythm Divine                      Sentinel         Ankaree                  Enrique Iglesias

Used to Somebody               S/H                 Kimberlyfdr            Tim McGraw

The Shark & the Mermaid    LotR               Nessa                        Billie Myers

Go West                                  ShanghaiKnts  Sockii                 Pet Shop Boys


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