flamingoslim (flamingoslim) wrote in easternmediacon,

EMC2 STILL wants your vids!

I'm still accepting vids for this year's EMC vid show. Vids *do not* have to be new. We're happy to show your favorites regardless of their age. As always, I'm hoping for a good representation of fandoms. We had a great vid show last year and I'm hoping we'll continue in that tradition. We show the vids on a large screen through a projection system. We split the vid show into a gen and slash segments, and provide information to the audience about the vidders and their vids.

We're hoping to have this year's vid show ready for distribution at the con if at all possible--which may depend on how late I get the very last vids.  If you're considering submitting your vids, please contact me at flamingoslim@erols.com to discuss format and delivery.
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