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Interested in last year's EMC vid show?

Many of you have asked me about getting last year's vid show on dvd. Well, don't faint, but we're working right now to have it available for purchase at the con. However, it would help if I had an idea of how many dvds to bring.  The show is on 2 disks, one gen and one slash. They will be standard playing dvds, and should work on anyone's machine for TV viewing or computer. Not everyone will want one or the other, so I am willing to sell them together or separately.

IF YOU ARE COMING TO THE CON AND INTERESTED IN PICKING UP THE GEN OR SLASH INDIVIDUAL DVDS OR THE WHOLE SHOW, PLEASE WRITE ME AT flamingoslim@erols.com or respond to this lj post.  If sending an email, please put in the subject line "EMC1 DVDS". I get a LOT of email, and your request may get buried in my inbox otherwise. Let me know if you want gen, slash, or both.  This will help me estimate how many to bring to the con.

The double set of dvds will be $10 and a single will cost $8. (Since the packaging and disk costs are similar, as are duplication fees, printing costs, ink, etc., the single dvd can't cost half of the double. Sorry. Consider the double set a real bargain.)

If you sent a vid to be shown at EMC last year, you get a free contributor's copy of the entire show. So, don't send me a note, you're covered.  We will do mail orders AFTER the con, so you don't have to send me a note about that either.

Thanks for your interest AND your patience!
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