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Live Journal for ECM1!

Okay, folks, you asked for it, you got it! Eastern Media Con now has a live journal. We're hoping the lj will be a needed and useful adjunct to our mailing list and our website.  But in the spirit of total disclosure we've got to admit that we're lj virgins, so it'll be a learn-as-we-go experience.  (Time to dust off my button that says, "Oh, no! Not another learning experience!") Many lj users have already graciously offered to lend us a hand, and we know enough about the fannish world to have confidence that help is always only a holler away.  So, if lj is your medium of choice, join us here to find out more about the con, the events, the panels, the vid show, and all the other activities we're planning.  We hope you'll join us also at the con itself!

Visit the con website at:  http://www.easternmediacon.southroad.com/
Join our yahoo mailing list at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EasternMediaCon/join

Leave a comment here or e-mail us at:  Easternmediacon@aol.com


Vid Show Valkyrie

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