April (aprilvalentine) wrote in easternmediacon,

From Glo

This was posted recently on the EasterMediaCon mailing list and I'm posting it here with permission.

Hi Everyone;

Over the past few months, we've had a bunch of new people join our list, many of whom were Z-Con Goers and are interested in learning about our con since ZCon has retired. I know the list has been quiet of late, so it's probably hard for the new folks to get a sense of us and what we're about.

I expect the list to become more active as the con draws nearer. In the meantime, though, if anyone who attended EMC 1 would like to talk a little about what made their experience great, I'm sure the folks who are still trying to decide would find your comments helpful.

New members should also be aware that they can read old EMC posts on the YahooGroups website. There were a bunch of GREAT post con reports that were sent by members, many of which might give you a good idea of how things went at EMC 1.
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