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Looking forward to next year!

I'm glad to see the website and LJ updated for this year's con. I'm hoping you guys will have an even bigger crowd this year.

I had a great time at the con last year. Enjoyed the food that was provided and the entertainment was great. You guys had some fresh ideas -- like the fannish talent show and the other characters the concomm played. (I was tickled to get pressed into service to help "carry" the HP sorting hat up to the stage, too!) And the vid show Flamingo did was one of the best I've ever attended.

The dealer's room was wonderful -- I enjoyed meeting the new dealers and having such a great selection of stuff to buy. It was small but that made it feel close like the whole con. And I loved the con space too -- nice and intimate and safe behind the glass walls from the "mundane" community outside.

I'm really looking forward to coming again this fall!
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