flamingoslim (flamingoslim) wrote in easternmediacon,

EMC1 wants your vids!

EMC1 wants YOUR vids--ASAP!!!  We've been getting some wonderful submissions for vids, but we're always happy to get a few more. We'd love to have our vid show represent as many fandoms as possible. But time is growing short. I'd like to get all vids in this week, so contact me directly about your submissions as soon as you can!

Anyone can submit vids in any fandom, in any genre, of any vintage. We can accept vids through megaupload, or you can contact us to discuss how best to send your vid. Vids will be shown through a projection system onto a large screen, so the higher the resolution the better. We prefer to have vids by Friday, August 17, 2007, but if you need more time, let us know. We are willing to receive vids at the con, but if that's your plan, please write and let us know. We are hoping to distribute a con vid disk within two months after the show. Contact me directly at flamingoslim@erols.com for the most rapid response. Thanks! -- Flamingo

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