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Reminder: EMC1 vid show

EMC1 wants YOUR vids!

Anyone can submit vids in any fandom, in any genre:  premiering vids, vids posted on line or shown elsewhere, and older vids. We’d love “Best Of” vids, or vidders’ own favorites. We can accept vids in DVD playable format, VCDs that can be played on DVD players, or large files through Megaupload. We can also accept vids on SVHS or VHS tape. Vids will be shown through a projection system onto a large screen, so the higher the resolution the better. If you need some other way to submit vids, let us know. We would love to have vids by Friday, August 16, 2007, but are willing to receive vids at the con, no later than Friday. We are hoping to put together a con vid disk for distribution within two months after the show. Contact flamingoslim@erols.com or through this community.

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