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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
10:34 pm
Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
10:46 pm
EMC1 dvds: Slash playlist
Several people asked me to post the playlist for the EMC1 (2007) dvds.

Here is the Slash playlist:

Slash Vid List

A little Less Conversation    Mixed             GiandujaKiss         Elvis Presley

Safe From Harm                    MUNCLE       Nessa                        Massive Attack

Three Time Loser                  Sentinel         Jamie                     Dan Seals

Everybody Loves Jack          Pirates           Nessa                     Don McLean

Dante's Prayer                       S/H                 Enednoviel            L. McKennitt

Ready for the Storm              SGA               Rosemary               Deanta

Wouldn't Normally Do
              This Kind of Thing   Tricky Brains Sockii                     Pet Shop Boys

Your Mistake                          Sh Holmes    Di Williams             Sister Hazel

Falling For You                      S/H                 Kimberlyfdr              Jem

Avalanche                              Due South    Rosemary                   5 Chinese Brthrs

Hide                                         Sentinel         Ankaree                      Creed

Learning                                 Rd Dwarf       Nessa                            Tom Petty

Something to Talk About     S/H                 Laura McEwan      Bonnie Raitt

Hero                                         Insp. Rex       Nessa                        Emery

Affirmation                              Mixed             Di. Williams            Savage Garden

I Would Die For You             I Spy               P.R.Zed                  Jann Arden

Hard Days Night                    Sentinel         Ankaree                  Beatles

Better Man                              S/H                 Enednoviel            Robbie Williams

Full of Grace                          S/H                 Enednoviel            SarahMcLaughlin

Perhaps,                                  K/S               Killa                        Cake

I Just Want to Be With You  Brokbk Mt      Nessa                        Chris Rea

Grace Kelly                             SGA               Di. Williams            Mika

Secret In Your Eyes              S/H                 KimberlyFDR         Paul Gross

Rhythm Divine                      Sentinel         Ankaree                  Enrique Iglesias

Used to Somebody               S/H                 Kimberlyfdr            Tim McGraw

The Shark & the Mermaid    LotR               Nessa                        Billie Myers

Go West                                  ShanghaiKnts  Sockii                 Pet Shop Boys


10:41 pm

Several people asked me to post the Playlist for the EMC1 (2007) Vid show DVDS.

Here's the Gen Playlist

Gen Vid List

If You Were in My Movie         Mixed             Jackie K                  Suzanne Vega

Chasing Cars                          S&H               Laura McEwan      Snow Patrol

What You Are                           Prisn Brk       Chat Noir                D. Matthews Bnd

The Soldiering Life                 Sharpe           P.R.Zed                  Decembrists

The Boy was a Puppet           H. Potter        Fabella                    Rob Thomas

Sharp Dressed Man                Farscape       Sammy                   ZZ top

Flying Home                             Due South    Morgan Dawn        Soundtrack

Unwell                                        Sentinel         Spirit Guide Prd     Matchbox 20

The Journey                               LotR               GF & M. Dawn       L. McKennitt

What About Everything?          Bab5              Happyme                Carbon Leaf

Be Proud                                     Shaln Socr    Sockii                      Heather Small

Knights of Round Table          ST:TOS          T.Jonesy & Killa    Monty Python

God Says Nothing Back          Suprntrl         Morgan Dawn        The Wallflowers

Ascension (Burn)                      LotR               AJ Johnson           Sevendust

Fragile                                         S&H               Laura McEwan      Sting

Sleep Now in the Fire              Prisn Brk       Chat Noir                Rage Agnst Machine

Moscow Drug Club                   MUNCLE       P.R.Zed                  B. B. Gabor

Not Only Human                       XF                   Killa & Laura          Heather Nova

What I've Done                          Dr. Who         Sammy                   Linkin Park

How Far                                      Sentnl            Spirit Guide Prd    Martina McBride

Chasing Cars                            Prisn Brk       Chat Noir                Snow Patrol

Bang a Gong                             Rush Hr         Sockii                      Joe Perry Project

10:40 am
EMC2 STILL wants your vids!
I'm still accepting vids for this year's EMC vid show. Vids *do not* have to be new. We're happy to show your favorites regardless of their age. As always, I'm hoping for a good representation of fandoms. We had a great vid show last year and I'm hoping we'll continue in that tradition. We show the vids on a large screen through a projection system. We split the vid show into a gen and slash segments, and provide information to the audience about the vidders and their vids.

We're hoping to have this year's vid show ready for distribution at the con if at all possible--which may depend on how late I get the very last vids.  If you're considering submitting your vids, please contact me at flamingoslim@erols.com to discuss format and delivery.
Sunday, September 21st, 2008
10:38 am
Interested in last year's EMC vid show?
Many of you have asked me about getting last year's vid show on dvd. Well, don't faint, but we're working right now to have it available for purchase at the con. However, it would help if I had an idea of how many dvds to bring.  The show is on 2 disks, one gen and one slash. They will be standard playing dvds, and should work on anyone's machine for TV viewing or computer. Not everyone will want one or the other, so I am willing to sell them together or separately.

IF YOU ARE COMING TO THE CON AND INTERESTED IN PICKING UP THE GEN OR SLASH INDIVIDUAL DVDS OR THE WHOLE SHOW, PLEASE WRITE ME AT flamingoslim@erols.com or respond to this lj post.  If sending an email, please put in the subject line "EMC1 DVDS". I get a LOT of email, and your request may get buried in my inbox otherwise. Let me know if you want gen, slash, or both.  This will help me estimate how many to bring to the con.

The double set of dvds will be $10 and a single will cost $8. (Since the packaging and disk costs are similar, as are duplication fees, printing costs, ink, etc., the single dvd can't cost half of the double. Sorry. Consider the double set a real bargain.)

If you sent a vid to be shown at EMC last year, you get a free contributor's copy of the entire show. So, don't send me a note, you're covered.  We will do mail orders AFTER the con, so you don't have to send me a note about that either.

Thanks for your interest AND your patience!
Monday, September 1st, 2008
3:02 pm
EMC Vid Show wants YOUR VIDS!
I'm still recovering from throwing my Starsky & Hutch convention, SHareCon, last weekend, and now I'm ready to knuckle down and prepare this year's EMC vid show. As always, I'm hoping for a good representation of fandoms. We had a great vid show last year and I'm hoping we'll continue in that tradition. We split the vid show into a gen and slash segments, and provide information to the audience about the vidders and the vids they've contributed.

Don't faint, but we're hoping to have last year's vid show available on DVD at the con. It's taken awhile to work out some technical issues, but the master disks are cut and we should start duplication this week. It will be a two disk set, and we're not sure of the price, but it will be nominal to allow us to cover costs for disks, jackets, printing costs, etc. So, if you enjoyed last year's vid show, soon it can be yours. We will also offer it for mail order once the con is over. Since we have worked out a number of the technical issues, we're hoping to have this year's vid show ready for distribution very soon after the con.

So, if you have vids you'd like to contribute to the con, please contact me at flamingoslim@erols.com to discuss format and delivery.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
5:25 pm
Hotel Room Reservation Code
Posting this for the concomm:

The Eastern Media Con Event Code for online room reservation is EMC.

When making an online room reservation, please be sure to enter EMC as your event code...this code will ensure that the convention receives credit for your stay (which will help us keep costs low, as well as keep the concom out of debtor’s prison) and that you get the convention rate.

Thanks to everyone who emailed about this issue. Your questions help us help you! :^)

Kath Moonshine
Tuesday, March 11th, 2008
10:14 pm
Vid Show update
flamingoslim posted this update on the con mailing list after someone asked the status of the dvds of the vid show from the con:

Don't lose hope!!! After EMC1 I also ran the marathon Zcon vid show,
during which I ran into technical problems I didn't have at EMC -- which
meant I'd done something wrong with the digital formating that I hadn't
done at EMC. Until I figured out what I'd done wrong, I didn't dare try
to produce any vids for distribution. Just a week ago my vid consultant
and I were able to spend a day dealing with this and discovered the
problem and also worked on the compression issue. I'm hoping to get a
few days to reassemble the vid show -- EMC's and Zcons, and produce
masters I can distribute.

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, February 22nd, 2008
11:33 pm
From Glo
This was posted recently on the EasterMediaCon mailing list and I'm posting it here with permission.

Hi Everyone;

Over the past few months, we've had a bunch of new people join our list, many of whom were Z-Con Goers and are interested in learning about our con since ZCon has retired. I know the list has been quiet of late, so it's probably hard for the new folks to get a sense of us and what we're about.

I expect the list to become more active as the con draws nearer. In the meantime, though, if anyone who attended EMC 1 would like to talk a little about what made their experience great, I'm sure the folks who are still trying to decide would find your comments helpful.

New members should also be aware that they can read old EMC posts on the YahooGroups website. There were a bunch of GREAT post con reports that were sent by members, many of which might give you a good idea of how things went at EMC 1.
12:12 pm
Looking forward to next year!
I'm glad to see the website and LJ updated for this year's con. I'm hoping you guys will have an even bigger crowd this year.

I had a great time at the con last year. Enjoyed the food that was provided and the entertainment was great. You guys had some fresh ideas -- like the fannish talent show and the other characters the concomm played. (I was tickled to get pressed into service to help "carry" the HP sorting hat up to the stage, too!) And the vid show Flamingo did was one of the best I've ever attended.

The dealer's room was wonderful -- I enjoyed meeting the new dealers and having such a great selection of stuff to buy. It was small but that made it feel close like the whole con. And I loved the con space too -- nice and intimate and safe behind the glass walls from the "mundane" community outside.

I'm really looking forward to coming again this fall!

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
9:09 pm
Hope to see you at EMC2

Is it February already? Hard to believe. I still haven't gotten all the Christmas stuff put away. But even though it's still winter, it's not too soon to start planning for next fall, and Eastern Media Con 2. 

The EMC 2 website (address at top of LJ page) has been updated and is being updated with information for the coming con, including dates, hotel info, et. al. Go take a look.

Feel free to post questions, add comments, or jump in with suggestions. We're interested in all of it.

Looking forward to seeing you all in October.

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
11:52 pm
Seeking "Bridge Mix" fanzine
Hello, I wasn't at EMC but a friend of mine was, and she told me there was a fanzine for sale there called "Bridge Mix" which had stories from my main fandom, From Eroica With Love. If anyone can tell me how I can lay hands on copies, I will give you my first born child or write a snippet for you or send you chocolate.
Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
8:51 pm
EMC's vid show -- a success!!!
Eastern Media Con's first ever vid show has been a huge success. We can only thank all the generous vidders who allowed us to use their wonderful vids:  AJ Johnson, Laila, Ankaree, Chat Noir, Diana Williams, Enednoviel, GF & Morgan Dawn, Gianduja Kiss, Happyme, Jackie K, Spirit Guide Productions, Killa & Laura & T. Jonesy, KimberlyFDR, Laura McEwan, P.R.Zed, Tiranog, Sammy, and some classic tape vids by Sockii. We couldn't have done it without you. 
We had a nearly equal balance of gen and slash vids that represented many diverse fandoms, including a brand new one
Monday, August 13th, 2007
9:58 am
EMC1 wants your vids!

EMC1 wants YOUR vids--ASAP!!!  We've been getting some wonderful submissions for vids, but we're always happy to get a few more. We'd love to have our vid show represent as many fandoms as possible. But time is growing short. I'd like to get all vids in this week, so contact me directly about your submissions as soon as you can!

Anyone can submit vids in any fandom, in any genre, of any vintage. We can accept vids through megaupload, or you can contact us to discuss how best to send your vid. Vids will be shown through a projection system onto a large screen, so the higher the resolution the better. We prefer to have vids by Friday, August 17, 2007, but if you need more time, let us know. We are willing to receive vids at the con, but if that's your plan, please write and let us know. We are hoping to distribute a con vid disk within two months after the show. Contact me directly at flamingoslim@erols.com for the most rapid response. Thanks! -- Flamingo

Saturday, July 21st, 2007
12:07 pm
Reminder: EMC1 vid show

EMC1 wants YOUR vids!

Anyone can submit vids in any fandom, in any genre:  premiering vids, vids posted on line or shown elsewhere, and older vids. We’d love “Best Of” vids, or vidders’ own favorites. We can accept vids in DVD playable format, VCDs that can be played on DVD players, or large files through Megaupload. We can also accept vids on SVHS or VHS tape. Vids will be shown through a projection system onto a large screen, so the higher the resolution the better. If you need some other way to submit vids, let us know. We would love to have vids by Friday, August 16, 2007, but are willing to receive vids at the con, no later than Friday. We are hoping to put together a con vid disk for distribution within two months after the show. Contact flamingoslim@erols.com or through this community.

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
11:11 pm
Panels and Workshops and Fun, Oh My!
Panel sign-ups are here! Please check our website: http://www.easternmediacon.southroad.com/index.php

Check panels: http://www.easternmediacon.southroad.com/panels.html and

Workshops: http://www.easternmediacon.southroad.com/workshops.html

If you're interested in moderating, check *Moderator Guidelines*: http://www.easternmediacon.southroad.com/pguide.html

These panels/workshops will only happen if folks sign up!  Questions, contact 
Sunday, April 15th, 2007
8:33 pm
Workshops at EMC1
From Kath Moonshine: Do you know how to fight with a sword and shield? Can you make a quilt that features images from fifty different
fandoms? Do you know how to manipulate fannish photos of our TV heroes? Can you build a blaster out of doorknobs, broomsticks, and a can of silver spray paint?  Have you ever wanted to teach new fan writers how to properly punctuate dialog?

Do you have a special skill you'd like to share with fandom? We sure hope so! Why? Because EMC has a large room set aside specifically for fannish workshops! And we need creative, dedicated fans who are willing to share their special knowledge. What's the difference between a workshop and a panel, you ask?

EMC answers: Typically, a workshop often has a more instructional format, wherein a fannish "expert" will present how-to information, many times in the form of a lecture, which may include handouts or other materials needed to explain a process. A panel is less formal and usually consists of a group of peers sharing thoughts and ideas on a particular fannish topic.

In addition to a great space to showcase your ideas, let us know how we can help make your workshop a success with audio-video equipment or other special requests.

Even if you don't feel you can sponsor a workshop, feel free to make workshop requests...the ConCom will do our best to find a fannish expert to hold a workshop on topics of interest to conventioneers.

Please send your ideas for a 1.5 or 3-hour workshop to: EasternMediaCon@aol.com

Kath Moonshine
EMC Co-chair
Thursday, April 12th, 2007
3:12 pm
From ConComm: Let's talk PANELS!
Hey everybody!  It's almost THAT time! The clocks have sprung forward, pollen is in the air, and the Easter Bunny has delivered his last egg . . . so it must be time for: PANELS!

Your ConCom wants to provide the best programming possible and to do that we need your ideas! All EMC programming will be drawn exclusively from member input. To assure that your fandom will appear in the
program schedule, email us panel and workshop suggestions at: EasternMediaCon@aol.com
Please type "Panel Suggestion" in the subject line. 

Please keep in mind the following programming deadlines as you prepare to share your panel ideas:
Panel Topic Suggestions: April 15 to June 15, 2007
Panel Sign-ups: July 1 to August 1, 2007
Programming Schedule Finalized: August 1, 2007

The first step, which is coming up mere days from now, is the suggestions phase. So come on folks, let those ideas rip! Whether you are a panel virgin, a panel pro, or anything in between, we want to hear from YOU! And remember, just because you have suggested a panel does not automatically sign you up to be a moderator. Feel free to nominate panel ideas, even if you do not wish to be a panelist or moderator. Once all panel suggestions have been finalized, we will post to the list and ask for moderators to sign up.

Don't forget, the more detailed and thought-out your topic idea, the better panel it will make. While you might want to see a panel on Starsky and Hutch, don't just send an email saying "Starsky and Hutch panel." Give us specifics.

Below, you'll find the preferred format for suggesting panel ideas. Then, below that, we've provided a few samples that might help get you in the right groove to communicate all the great panel ideas that are in your head just dying to be set free.

Also, be sure to read Kath Moonshine's upcoming posts on What Makes a Successful Panel? as well as the post regarding Workshops. Here's the Panel Suggestion Format! Copy/paste into your emails as needed. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Email Address:
Fandom (If your topic is not specific to one fandom, just indicate multi-fandom or general):
Suggested Panel Title:
One-line Description of the Topic:
Discussion Category: Indicate if your suggested topic is:
General Discussion (Suitable for a general audience. Not sexual in nature)
All-inclusive Discussion (No restrictions. The discussion is open to gen, slash, mature--indicating a possibility of an erotic relationship--and whatever else comes up)
Slash-centric Discussion (The discussion intends to focus on male/male or female/female relationships)

If your topic doesn't fit any of theses categories let us know and we'll figure out another category to include.
Sample Panel Ideas in Correct Format:

Name: Kath Moonshine
Email Address: Moonshine71@juno.com
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Suggested Panel Title: Starsky & Hutch: From Wild Boys to Old Married Couple
One-line Description of the Topic: How did the most violent TV show of its time become the "feel-good" fandom of today?
Discussion Category: Slash-centric Discussion

Name: Kath Moonshine
Email Address: Moonshine71@juno.com 
Fandom: The Sentinel
Suggested Panel Title: Jim Ellison and the Career Change
One-line Description of the Topic: A lot of fan fiction has been devoted to Blair becoming a cop post series, but what if Jim decided to leave the force instead--what would he do for a living?
Discussion Category: General Discussion

Name: Kath Moonshine
Email Address: Moonshine71@juno.com 
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Suggested Panel Title: Cylon Sex--Better than Human?
One-line Description of the Topic: What are the ramifications, both physical and emotional, for humans who sleep with the enemy?
Discussion Category: All-inclusive Discussion

Name: Kath Moonshine
Email Address: Moonshine71@juno.com 
Fandom: Multimedia
Suggested Panel Title: Where have all the great multimedia song vids gone?
One-line Description of the Topic: Brainstorm how to find worthwhile multimedia vids in the age of YouTube.
Discussion Category: General Discussion

Name: Kath Moonshine
Email Address: Moonshine71@juno.com 
Fandom: General
Suggested Panel Title: Is the fannish glass always half full?
One-line Description of the Topic: Is there too much negativity in fandom? Why do more people prefer to kick a show when it's down rather than celebrate its good aspects?
Discussion Category: General Discussion 

Now it's your turn! Let's hear your ideas!
Monday, April 9th, 2007
5:23 pm
Live Journal for ECM1!

Okay, folks, you asked for it, you got it! Eastern Media Con now has a live journal. We're hoping the lj will be a needed and useful adjunct to our mailing list and our website.  But in the spirit of total disclosure we've got to admit that we're lj virgins, so it'll be a learn-as-we-go experience.  (Time to dust off my button that says, "Oh, no! Not another learning experience!") Many lj users have already graciously offered to lend us a hand, and we know enough about the fannish world to have confidence that help is always only a holler away.  So, if lj is your medium of choice, join us here to find out more about the con, the events, the panels, the vid show, and all the other activities we're planning.  We hope you'll join us also at the con itself!

Visit the con website at:  http://www.easternmediacon.southroad.com/
Join our yahoo mailing list at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EasternMediaCon/join

Leave a comment here or e-mail us at:  Easternmediacon@aol.com


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